Friday, August 5, 2011

The last man standing- Super Junior


[kpop mood on]

please bare bear with me non-kpopers! :p

Today is Super Junior's day.

The boys made a comeback on Music Bank today after 1 year and 2 months.
And because of their high popularity as Hallyu star they were put as the last performer.( as expected)
So every ELF(the fans)  were freaking excited and stay still in front of the TV waiting for Super Junior's turn to rock the stage.
Well, thanks to KBS World for broadcasting Music bank live.
Its been a while since I last watching Music bank live.
Since a lot of newbie idols debuted and the fact that I really dont know them refrained me from watching it live.
BUT when Super Junior makes a comeback, I couldn't refrain myself. HAHAHA( as u gonna be damn jealous seeing other ELFs spazzing bout how great the performance is on Twitter)
Yes that's why.
The ELFs were busy trending #MrSimpleComebackStage and SUPER JUNIOR-SUPERMAN as a proof of excitement for the amazing comeback ever.
And as u can see below, the power of ELF brought Super Junior to the world wide trending topics on Twitter yaw! See how powerful we are? xD

credit: Isabel Pablo

It was definitely an awesome comeback for their 5th Album, Mr Simple.
I know I sound biased but like seriously I couldn't close my mouth watching them perform the introduction song  called 'SUPERMAN'. Jaw dropping all the way.hahaha
Seriously I got goosebumps!!

And when I check on the lyrics, I couldn't stop from admiring the song even more.
It has a deep, meaningful lyrics indeed!
They mentioned ELF, the fans who always standing behind them supporting them until the end.
And I seriously proud being one of the Everlasting Friend( ELF)!

Superman [english translation]
Translated by: stanningotps
Posted by: hyukjade(

(bam bam bam bam)
eunhyuk rap
when i am coolly dancing in the group that’s one of a kind in the world and uniquely moving the world
donghae rap
all the elfs in the world fall fall fall for me
run run run to me
let’s rejoice in this moment together
i (emotionally) touch those people that have genuinely, quietly loved me
there haven’t been moments where i’ve said useless things or not been truthful
our scale is the best and our scale (english) is the best
everything has to be the best
super junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’
our passion is the best and our concentration is the best
who would be able to say we’ve finished
super junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’
(bam bam bam bam)
now, now, now, who is it?
shindong rap:
so why do all of you look back when i am right here
who the hell are you looking for
i am shindong
should i pluck the stars for you, count them
one, two, three
with the stars we’ve lost
we are thirteen stars
but we are not lonely, we have sm family and ELFS
don’t be disappointed, don’t judge/betray us
you have already become drunk by the super holic
try singing the song, and now even follow the dance
let’s get excited together
our scale is the best and our scale (english) is the best
everything has to be the best
super junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’
our passion is the best and our concentration is the best
who would be able to say we’ve finished
super junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of ‘superman’
kyuhyun and sungmin:
when your heart is sad, when you want to listen to a song,
when you need something to lift your spirits up,
we are next to you, let’s all come together
super junior
we are super junior
we are super super man
ryeowook and yesung:
when you’re very bored and surfing the internet, if you just type in ‘super’ our results will come come out
we are always by your side
scream it out
super junior
we are super super man
even if they don’t know of us, we try our best every day,
if they question who who who we are, we show them our results
even if the road we walk is barren,
we are in the end, super junior


The main song, Mr Simple brings Super Junior image to the high level.
The performance was great,superb, energetic and powerful!
They rocked the stage with their unique choreography and flaming charisma.
Actually I was kinda worried if they didn't manage to perform well because the song is extremely fast and I really scared if they suddenly out of breath.
But thank god due to their hard work and practices, they rocked the stage  and even put up the most energetic comeback stage I presume.

Aren' they awesome??

To Super Junior,
Congratulation for 5th Album!
Your hard work really paid off.
We,ELF will always support you no matter how many haters out there.
ELF is not just a fandom.
We're a world wide family.
Because of you Super Junior, I make friends with people all over the world.
I knew different culture and language.
Oppa, dont worry.
We, ELF will work harder to ensure this year's GDA is yours.
This will be our present for Heechul oppa and Leeteuk oppa who will be enlisted in army next year.
Please take care of your health and don't fall sick.

Kyuhyun ahh, I'm worried about u the most.

You seems to be sick a lot and it is not good oppa.
I know you care about games more than anything but your health is important too.
 please look after of yourself more!
I dont really mind of you not updating your Twitter (even it tortures me a lot. haha)
I know you want your fans to miss you and get excited whenever you tweet. :p
Please eat and sleep more will ya?
Saranghae evil magnae! ^_^

Saranghanda Super Junior!
Thanks for coloring my life these days.
Till the whole world is covered with Sapphire blue color, we will not stop.
Woo-li ELF ooeyo!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Ramadan


Today is first ramadan.
Alhamdulillah aku masih bernafas di bumi Allah yg sementara ini.
Rasa mcm baru je raya hari tu.
Tiba2 dah puasa balik.
Cepat gila masa berlalu.

Untuk ramadan kali ni, ada beberapa perkara yg aku nak buat.
Aku bercita2 untuk khatamkan Al Quran. InsyaAllah~
Tahun ni Allah kasi nikmat yg byk sekali.
Berpeluang puasa sebulan kt rumah rasa sangat heaven. (read;sangat gemuk)
Bakal dihidangkan dgn air tgn mama yg bikin air liur aku meleleh.
Baru je lepas sahur tadi mama dah uji iman aku.

"ptg karang rasa nak buat kari ketamlah. Nnt pi beli ketam kt pasar eh."

Walaupun begitu,aku tetap mengharapkn agar aku dpt menepis segala godaan duniawi itu.
Aku nak makan ala kadar je. Memandangkn hampir 3 bln aku dok rumah, aku rasa mcm berat semacam je, (read;gemuk) aku kira bulan puasa ni waktu terbaik utk aku mengecikkan sket bdn ni.
Ya Allah, jgn la kau biarkn 'seth tan' durjana tu menjadikan aku manusia yg lahap semasa berbuka.Amin!

Harap2 Allah permudahkan segala urusan kita sepanjang bulan ramadan yg mulia ni.
Semoga semua umat islam seluruh dunia dpt berpuasa dgn aman.


Kembara Sufi 2011 with Imam Muda Asyraf.
serius gambar ni membuatkan mata kitorang kelihatan begitu pelik.

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