Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All about evil magnae

I'm gonna ask u later well!lol

These're all Kyuhyun facts

~His favorite song from the Second Album is 'Disco Drive', because of the melody.

~ His favorite Super Junior song is 'Believe' from the first album, and whose lyrics were written by Heechul.

~ His favorite movies are The Constitution of Crime & Romeo & Juliet *heheh.romantic kyu*

~His favorite colors are white, blue, and black

~His favorite type of girl has long hair, big eyes, a pair of beautiful legs, and only cares about him *oh please don't describe me*

~Was a fan of DBSK member Mickey Yoochun and Changmin best frenz

~Admires Korean actresses Kim Tae Hee and Jun Ji Hyun.

~Was obsessed with the historical drama Jumong

~if he wasn't a singer, he'd like to be a professional gamer. He has said that gaming helps him relax.

~He loves playing online games~~GAMEKYU

~Loves the beach *aww..lets go together*

~Likes the snow and is a good skier, snowboarder

~Was a Math Olympiad grand prize winner in school *perghh..what a smart boy!*

~ In high school, got into a fight with a friend because of borrowed money. He ended up breaking his friend’s nose and having his own tooth broken as a result.* aishh ganas gak u ni yang.haha

~ Owns a headphones necklace given to him by Yesung

~ So far he has sung in English, Chinese, a little Japanese and Spanish, and all with good pronunciations,even he not good at it

~ if there were an extra hour in the day, he would want to spend it in space

~Would like to learn the saxophone because he thinks it sounds beautiful and can move people’s hearts * owhh..thanx dear! u gonna play 4 me

~Been playing the clarinet since the 3rd year of middle school. Can play the piano.

~He wears soft contacts lenses and can be seen wearing glasses in practices and some performances

~Has confessed that he suffered a middle ear infection when he was younger thus his hearing on his left ear is impaired.

~Has a dimple just below the right corner of his mouth * we both have dimples..heheh

~ he is a chrishtian

~he is from the Nowon (노원) District of Seoul.

~Kyuhyun is very smart and he is currently majoring in Music in college

~ He says that when he sleeps, he snores really loudly (LOL! ) and he’ll even drool!

~when he in college he was chubby person but when he as trainee, he started to diet

~ he now study at Kyunghee University

~Kyuhyun was added to Super Junior right before their 200th day Anniversary

~ have only one sis, cho ahra which is 3years older

speacial facts for fans of  super junior's magnae .. =)


shaz said...

awwww kyu syg! btw 1 fact die tertinggal weh
kyu loves shazni mahirah :P

Syaqila Osman said...

erk erk? kau mimpi kottt.hahaha

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