Sunday, June 27, 2010

It has been a while

I miss her..
Since Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang SSP  a year n few months ago, I never saw her.
Not once!
bukan xnak jumpa tapi mmg xboleh jumpa.
She's a maahad student now.
She cannot bring her handphone along.
So thats how we lost contact.

Knowing Iman Syafiqah made me realized something.
Yes..We shouldn't judge someone without knowing her/him personally.
Before we got closer to each other, I saw her as a pious n a great muslimah with her tudung labuh.
I never know that a 'tudung labuh' girl can layan korean stuff etc.
U gonna be suprised if I told ya that she was the one who introduced me to kpop(korean music).
She introduced DBSK, a popular boy band from Korea by making me watched their music video.
That was in form 4.
I'm not a 'tudung labuh' girl like her. Who says that tudung labuh girl and an ordinary girl cannot get along well?
We did!

In form 5, we became deskmates.
She was a  playful but serious.
From her, learned to be a better muslimah.
We had a great time together.
We laughed  cheerfully for no reason.
Even there were nothing to be laughed off..

After SPM, we never meet each other again.
About a few months we just texting each other just to keep in touch.
One day she texted me.

her:  sharky(she was the only person calling me this) aku nak masuk maahad. Aku tgh tnggu result

me:  seriously?? bile weyhh?

her:  InsyaAllah after raya.

me:  Ohhh..okay..

her:  aku xley bwk handphone....

aku xley bwk handphone...

the words really made me upset.
I know that we would be a part but I never imagine that we couldn't contact each other.
It was such a disappointment.
Since I was in um, we lost contact....
ipta n maahad 4 sure have a different jadual cuti kan?

Few weeks ago,
suddenly an unknown number texted me.
She said that she had moved to hulu langat.
and I'm glad to know that she is  wearing purdah know.

"Hidup ni bukan lame..ape yg kite blajar,sume akn tnggl.
masuk kubur t jwbla sndri ngn malaikat.
byk lg yg aku kne tahu.
Alhamdullilah Allah letak aku kat cni"

all the best to Iman Syafiqah.
May Allah bless you.




~kiE~ said...

may Allah bless us!!~

pemetik bintang said...

tiba-tiba rasa nak nanges ;(

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